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Inspiring places shape inspiring things. A truism which shaped the fruition of a lifelong dream when Thea Skincare founder Althea Giscombe journeyed to Africa in 2009, spending weeks living lakeside in a remote village by Lake Malawi during her first trip to African in 2009.

Althea’s trip revealed to her a melting pot of heritage, customs, eclectic peoples and a return to the source of everything; nature. During her travels she observed the local villagers.

I suddenly noticed that they were using fine grains of sand, that lined the shore of the lake, to rub all over their bodies to exfoliate and condition their skin. They then took natural rocks and stones to remove the hard skin from their feet and bathed in the lake’. This was nothing short of a Eureka moment. The ultimate clarity in skin and body care can only come from a return to natural skincare ingredients and techniques more elemental and natural.

Thea Skincare’s philosphy is not to bombard their products with fad ingredients for the sake of novelty, but to return to a form of natural beauty fundamentally tied to heritage. Just like those villagers by Lake Malawi. Upon her return to the UK Althea infused the inspiration of her travels with science and cosmetology to create natural products with real results.

Althea’s experience with big names in the beauty industry, such as Avon and Courtaulds, facilitated her creative approach to her new brand. The result was the creation of a skincare brand quite different to anything seen on the market; Thea Skincare.

The next step was the creation of products to encapsulate this growing philosophy. Fusing ancient old African ingredients and Asian natural ingredients birthed products such as, Thea Professional, the African Spa Therapy Range Detox and Tone range.

The realisation that there is nothing more natural than nature has nourished all aspects of Thea’s creative journey. Products such as the Massage and Essential Oils range are high quality pre-blended spa massage and pure essential oils. Each Essential Oil Blend has great slip properties is specially formulated to target your customer’s specific skin requirements. Thea Skincare carry oils which benefit only a few. With a tailored combination of these expertly blended natural oils.

Althea Tomlin Skincare, introduces ingredients such as jojoba oils, papaya, pomegranate, mango, kokum and organic Shea butter, which are carefully blended with exotic essential oils, to restore elasticity whilst hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin, with rich natural high performance ingredients.

Specialist inclusions such as our Organic Blue Green Algae formulations actively re-texture, repair and detoxify the skin because of the high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients. Thea Skincare natural skincare products can be used in beauty salon treatments. The range comes in beautifully designed packaging that's perfect for your dressing or bathroom.

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