Althea's Story

"I was approaching 50 and my work colleagues said,''you're leaving to start your own business, you're nearing retirement, you're either mad or stupid''!

During my first trip to Africa in 2009, I spent several weeks in a remote village on Lake Malawi. I lived with the villagers in a mud hut without any electricity, running water or sanitation as we know it, and I loved it.

One day, I sat by the lake just watching the local villagers. I suddenly noticed that they were using fine grains of sand, that lined the shore of the lake, to rub all over their bodies to exfoliate and condition their skin.They then took natural rocks and stones to remove the hard skin from their feet and bathed in the lake, It was then I realised what I really wanted to do with my life. At that moment Thea Skincare was conceived. So, on my return to the UK, I set about this long arduous journey to formulate a collection of high quality natural and organic skincare products and in late 2011, Thea Skincare was born.

Having a Masters in science and working for blue chip companies like Avon and Courtaulds, in product development and cosmetic formulations, has been a great asset and has given me the core skills that I needed to put my collections together. I've acheived this using the best natural and organic ingredients,mainly from Africa and Asia. Since I was little girl, I loved science and Mr P my chemistry teacher, whom I have remained in close contact with for over 40 years, is one of my greatest mentors. My name is Althea, so when I found out what it meant, I said yes, this is what I will name my brand. I shortened it to Thea, as it's easier to remember and has the same meaning as my own name.
The name Thea is of Greek origin. Thea (also written Theia), is the Greek goddess of light. She is the daughter of Ouranos (heaven) and Gaia (earth), the wife of Hyperion (Titan god of light), and mother of Helios (the sun), Eos (the dawn), and Selene (the moon). Thea is named after the Greek Goddess of natural beauty. Created and formulated by Althea, Thea is a brand that represents pure, luxurious, natural beauty!

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