Algae & Clay Detox Face Mask 50ml

Algae & Clay Detox Face Mask 50ml

A detoxing face mask designed to remove impurities, tone and calm spot prone skin

A deep, revitalising cleanse that draws out impurities treat acne,oily skin and calm spot prone skin.The beauty is that you can activate this nutritious powder with any liquid and apply to oily or problematic skin for an intensely soothing detox. Green Clay and Tea Tree essential oil are blended with DMAE, Blue Green Algae, Comfrey and Zinc - the perfect combination for achieving a fresh, clear complexion. This detox face mask ls fantastic for prone and acne skin and is also suitable for sensitive skin.

The result: Soft, deeply cleansed, smooth and calm skin that feels invigorated and refreshed.

Perfect Companion: Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser

Carefully formulated for acne, oily and combination skin types.

It's amazing you can activate this mask with almost any safe and natural liquid.To activate, mix 2 parts liquid with 1 part powder mask and apply immediately with your fingertips, avoiding the delicate eye area. Add less liquid for a thicker mask or more liquid for a thinner mask. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wet an organic cotton flannel or muslin cloth with warm water and place over your face to loosen the mask. Gently wipe clean and pat dry.

Examples of liquids to hydrate the mask: warm spring water, live yoghurt, soya or rice milk, vinegar, fruit juice, pureed avocado or vegetable juice (or any combination of the above). 

Green Clay – draws out impurities with excellent absorption properties, ideal for oily/problematic skin. Heals and tones.

Activated Charcoal (Carbon) – purifies, disinfects and absorbs oil

Comfrey – healing, moisturising and soothing medicinal herb. Promotes regeneration of skin.
Zinc Oxide - natural astringent that heals and repairs skin - excellent acne treatment.

Vitamin C – powerful antioxidant slows down the aging process by purifying & regenerating the skin, protecting from free radicals.

Organic Blue Green Algae - actively retextures, repairs & detoxifies the skin. High concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids & nutrients.

DMAE - treats blemishes and inflammation. Deeply moisturises.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral; great for blemishes & acne.

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