Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Toner 150ml

Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Toner 150ml

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Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Toner 150ml

A gentle natural skin brightening toner enriched with mild fruit acids to tone and tighten the skin

Recondition and refresh your skin by adding an organic skin brightening toner with natural Alpha Hydroxy toner to your daily routine. Natural fruit enzymes deeply penetrate the surface of the skin, removing any remaining impurities whilst smoothing fine lines & wrinkles. pH balance is restored and skin tone is beautifully enhanced.

The result: a refreshed, balanced and brighter skin tone with a noticeable reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Perfect Companion: Fruit Enzyme Creme Cleanser

Please note: Use a sunscreen when in the sun after applying this product.

Suitable for all skin types (except hypersensitive skin types)

Every morning and night after cleansing. Using an organic cotton wool pad, gently rub onto face & neck using circular motions in an upwards direction. Follow with Fruit Enzyme Crème Moisturiser.


Organic Aloe Juice – attracts & seals in moisture, encourages new skin cells to grow & enhances circulation.

Organic Sugar Cane & Sugar Maple – natural amino acids adjust pH & improve blood flow.

Organic Bilberry, Orange, Lemon & Cranberry Extracts – anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial antioxidants deeply cleanse, refresh, soothe & smooth.

Organic Back Willow Bark – anti-microbial properties tone & rebalance.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral & deeply cleansing.

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