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5 facts about our company that can benefit you and your beauty salon business:

We won't break the bank – Investing thousands of pounds into a new skincare range of products can makeyou feel uneasy.  We understand this and that's why we have opening orders from £295, containing a complete suite of high quality organic professional skincare products for all skin types.
You can buy with confidence – our professional skincare range includes various award-winning skincare products in the green beauty industry, providing immediate performance-based results.
We're 100% cruelty free – none of our products are tested on animals, or contain any animal ingredients so they are 100% vegan friendly. They’re also paraben and sulphate free, and do not contain any artificial fragrances. We use only the best botanical organic ingredients and plant based essential oils.
You can re-order only what you need – there’s no minimum spend for repeat orders.
We've won awards in the industry –  we offer the best award-winning organic salon products, high-quality organic ingredients, a complete range to suit all skin types, FREE training, ongoing support, and no minimum spend for repeat orders – we know you’ll love working with us.

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Our professional skincare brand highlights and benefits

Our brand benefits for beauty salons and spas are that we offer:

•    High-performance organic result led for beauty salons off all sizes

•    The best and most effective botanical animal free ingredients

•    100% organically preserved botanical skincare formulas free from chemical parabens

•    100% Sulphate free with only plant based organic foaming ingredients.

•    pH balanced to protect the acid mantle of the skin and for sensitive skin

•    Vegan & Vegetarian-Friendly ingredients

•    Artificial and chemical fragrances free with the use of pure essential oils

•    Gluten-free and free of plastic beads.

We offer as wide range of organic professional skincare products that fit with every individual so that your clients will find a perfect product that meets their skin care needs.

Our professional organic skin care products are designed to be efficient to give your clients, no matter how old they are, the best natural salon facial treatments. We have a broad range of organic beauty products that can give your clients the best possible, clear and toned skin. Althea Skincare products work to refresh and deeply cleanse the skin to give a complexion that is clean, clear and naturally beautiful.

Our goal is to help beauty salons, mobile beauty therapists and spas grow their business with the best natural salon skin care products. We offer one of the best organic skin care brands, which provide real natural results, making our brand the perfect professional salon skincare solution for beauty salons.

All of our salon organic skincare products are pure and natural with no possible adverse side effects. Althea Tomlin Skincare offers different organic skincare packages to suit all skin types and skin concerns. Whether you’re looking for the best natural skincare products or want to give your clients the best possible results, look no further. Althea Tomlin Skin Care products are designed to provide stunning natural results for your clients in no time.

Be it organic salon skincare, salon facial products or professional beauty products; we have a full range of salon beauty products that can do wonders for your clients naturally. Althea Tomlin Skincare is an award winning brand and one of the leading UK brands, offering quality professional organic skin care products at affordable rates and with low opening salon orders. 

Our salon customers say that their clients are happy with the results of our beauty product.

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