New Salon Professional Organic Vegan Starter Pack

New Salon Professional Organic Vegan Starter Pack

New Salon Organic Professional Vegan Starter Pack

£795 (including training) You save £340 on individual products

New Salon Organic Pack

Our New Salon Starter Pack offers everything you’ll need to set up your new salon. I

This package offers a full range of products designed to equip a treatment room or home based business and is ideal for new salons. This New Salon Starter Pack offers excellent value and offers a complete facial / skincare range to suit all skin types and skin concerns.

What is offers

A range of full size organic professional facial products designed to for all skin types and skin concerns:



Dry/Dry Sensitive


Skin Brightening for dull & tired skin

High performance eye care treatment range

FREE with this package:

Salon eye care treatment kit (eye cream, eye toner, eye mask and eye cleanser) worth £125 and a free facial massage oil

  • Training
  • Selection of posters
  • Assorted samples 
  • Appointment Cards 
  • After-care Advice Cards
  • Client Record Cards
  • Client Retail Price List
  • Product & Treatment Guide

Age Revival - Age Mature/Anti-aging Skincare

Age Revival Antioxidant Face Cleanser 250ml

Age Revival Antioxidant Toner             250ml

Age Revival Dream Crème Exfoliator    150ml

Age Revival Lift and Tone Face Mask    150gms (powder mask)

Age Revival Hydration Face Mask         150ml (gel mask)

Age Revival Uplifting Face Cream         150ml

Age Revival Face & Neck Massage Oil   100ml

Age Revival Lifting Face and Neck Serum 30ml

Face Renew Skin Brightening Range - dull, tired, blemished/Pigmentation skin types

Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Cleanser     250ml

Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator   150ml

Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Toner         250ml

Face Renew Organic Papaya & Pineapple Mask 150ml

Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Moisturiser 150ml

Super Nourish - dry, dehydrated and dry sensitive skin types

Moisture Rich Face Cleanser     250ml

Moisture Rich Facial Toner        250ml

Super Hydration Face Exfoliant  150ml

Nutrition Face Cream                 150ml

Rosehip & White Tea Face Mask 150ml

Nourishing eye and lip cream     15ml

Rebalance Clarity - acne, oily and prone skin types

Clarity Foaming Face Cleanser    250ml

Clarity Cream Face Exfoliator      150ml

Clarity Calming Facial Toner        250ml

Clarity Cream Face Cream            150ml

Charcoal & Green Tea Mask         150ml

Harmony Range - combination/damaged & sensitive skin types

Harmony Face Cleanser                    250ml

Harmony  Facial Toner                      250ml

HarmonyFace Exfoliator                    150ml

Harmony Face Moisturiser                 150ml

This package gives up to *65 facial treatments.

Based on an average treatment value of £35 this gives a treatment value of over £2,500.

(over 75% margin return).

*based on average usage  of 3ml for cleanser and toner

and 1-2ml usage for masks, exfoliators and moisturisers


Age Revival - Anti-aging for all skin types

Face Renew Fruit Enzyme - Skin Brightening

Super Nourish - Dry/Dry Skin

Natural Harmony Perfect Me - Combination & Sensitive

Rebalance Clarity Range - Acne, Oily & Prone Skin

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