Salon & Spa Treatments

We offer a range of performance led organic vegan freindly facial and body treatments for the ultimate in results and indulgence.

Our facial and spa body treatments have been designed to suit all skin types and aimed at a variety of problem skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Our products are 100% paraben and sulphate free and contain high quality organic enriched ingredients

We offer salon professional facial treatments to suit different types of salons and to meet every client's needs.

Organic Essential Facial  - Approximately 30 mins

This introductory facial is perfect for all those who are new to professional facial treatments.This facial focuses on the ‘Essential Elements’ of a salon facial treatment, with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask and moisturiser application.

Organic Signature Facial  - Approximately 1hr 15 mins
This high performance facial focuses on improving the condition and appearance of the skin. This facial is designed to rejuvenate, tone and nourish the skin. The treatment includes – deep double cleanse of the face, neck and décolleté, exfoliation, steam treatment and relaxing massage of the face neck and décolleté. This is followed by a treatment mask to suit the client's skin type. Finishing with a moisturiser to suit the client's skin type and a lip and eye application.
Organic Spa Facial (with relaxing head massage) - Approximately 1hr & 30 mins
This luxury celebrity style facial treatment really is the most elite of facial therapy treatments. It starts with a relaxing foot cleanse, followed by a pre-cleanse treatment, deep double facial cleanse and an exfoliation, detox mask with steam application to open the pores for a deeper cleanse. A relaxing head massage is then given extending to the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté area massage with the application of natural face lift techniques and marma point facial massage. A treatment mask is followed by either a hand and arm or foot massage. Finally, a face serum and moisturiser is applied to suit your specific skin type.
Specialist Organic Treatments

Luxury Organic Anti-ageing Facial Treatment: 90 minutes Approximate Treatment Time 90 mins

This luxury organic anti-ageing treatment offers a deep, lifting and toning facial therapy treatment. This high performance treatment is designed for mature skin types, and for those who want to address pre-mature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin, on the face, neck and around the eyes. Our organic anti-ageing facial treatment uses organic results - led products to lift tone and rejuvenate the skin on the face, décolleté and the eyes.

Super Nourish & Hydrate Facial  Approximate Treatment Time 50 -60 mins

This luxurious deeply hydrating facial takes care of all the major concerns for mature, delicate and dry skin. It uses rich organic products that combine the most emollient rich, supportive and nourishing ingredients that help safely deeply cleanse and perfectly nourish the skin leaving it feeling soft, fresh and hydrated.

Rebalance & Clear Facial Approximate Treatment Time 50 - 60 mins

A gentle effective treatment for acne, oily and prone skin types that offers clarity and balance by the use of skin balancing antioxidant-rich organic rooibos, which contains alpha hydroxy acids for natural refining and rebalancing and brightening properties to balance and control excessive oil flows that can lead to oily, acne of congested skin.

Calm and Harmonize Facial Approximate Treatment Time 50 - 60 mins

This gentle treatment brings in balanced and equal moisture levels and is designed for combination, sensitive skin types and is a great skin facial for skin concerns such Eczema as Rosacea. The products are light yet creamy texture that deeply absorb into the skin during the facial leaving it soft, supple and rejuvenated.

Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Skin Brightening Facial Approximate Treatment Time 60 - 70 mins

A high performance skin brightening facial that works with natures retexturing masters, fruit enzymes to help refine and brighten, leaving skin feeling soft, supple and revived. It is a clear favourite for clients with dull, tired looking skin and offers skin boosting effects, it is also a great facial for those suffering from breakouts, and for those with blemished skin. It leaves the skin looking and feeling renewed, rejuvenated and revived.

Signature Rejuvenating & Restorative Eye Treatment Approximate Treatment Time 25 -30 mins

Our Signature Eye Treatment was specifically designed with all of these factors in mind and to specifically target fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, puffiness and dark circles. This luxurious eye care treatment includes a delicate eye cleanse & tone, eye exfoliation, eye treatment mask, eye serum and eye cream treatment.








Althea Tomlin Skincare

January 2017





Thea Signature Eye Treatment - Approximately 45 mins
The Thea Signature Eye Treatment is designed specifically target fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, puffiness and dark circles.
Thea Signature Body Treatments
Thea Chocolate Treatment - Approximately 1hr & 30 mins
This treatment is perfect for diminishing cellulite. It includes a full body exfoliation and massage for relaxation using products that are enriched with organic ingredients for the best results.
Thea Polish, Tone & Glow Treatment - Approximately 1hr & 15 mins
This treatment consists of a full body exfoliation with our Walnut & Chamomile Body Glow Polish, followed with the application of Thea’s popular Ultimate Toning Body Cream. This treatment is ideal for pre and post holiday skincare, and perfect for those looking to achieve a firmer and more toned appearance to their skin.
Thea Ultimate Relaxation Treatment - Approximately 1hr & 30 mins
This treatment is a must for those looking for the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief. This full body massage utilises a mixture of techniques to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Use Thea Thea Luxury Massage Oil combined with your choice of Thea Skincare essential oil blends such as our Stress Relief, Deep Tissue or Revitalise Essential Oils.
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