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Created: 14/01/2016Comments: 0
We love lavender and roses and we hope you do too. Enter our #giveaway to #win a luxury lavender & rose body lotion for her & a spicy natural shaving cream for him.   a Rafflecopter giveaway ..
Created: 05/10/2015Comments: 0
 TRICK OR TREAT? This is certainly a treat for Halloween. It's a chance for you to #chooseyourown #skincare from our wide range of natural skincare products. Choose for him, her or for the whole family! YOU #CHOOSEYOURSELF ENTER TODAY #FOLLOW #RT #ENTER a Rafflecopter giveaway ..
Created: 17/07/2015Comments: 3
We recently won the Green Parent Beauty Awards, which we are delighted about. The ingredients in these products were inspired by my grandmother and include, coconut, jojoba, cocoa butter and aloe vera. ..
Created: 07/06/2015Comments: 1
ENTER TODAY TO #WIN A SUPER #FATHERSDAY GIFT   a Rafflecopter giveaway ..
Created: 04/05/2015Comments: 12
Created: 16/04/2015Comments: 0
Here's your chance to win a complete luxury manicure and pedicure range to keep you hands and feet in tip top condition for the summer.   To enter #Follow @theaskincare on twitter # RT  LIKE our face book page #SHARE A new generation of 8 luxury natural and organic salon spa hand and foot care treatment p..
Created: 01/03/2015Comments: 4
Spring into the new season with eye care wonders. Double-take worthy results to gently target your client’s eye care issues. Make a beautiful difference in the blink of an eye with Thea Skincare. The lovely transition into Spring and Summer heralds a lot of skincare changes. It’s time to expel the last wintery vestiges of dullness and tiredness from your client’s skin. At no other tim..
Created: 08/02/2015Comments: 1
Essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties are great for initiating romance. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a loved one’s birthday, you can use one of several essential oils to set the mood for love. Ever since the times of the ancient Egyptians, essential oils have been used to promote health, beauty, fertility, virility and romance. The Greeks and other culture..
Created: 30/01/2015Comments: 51
Share some pampering before a romantic night out with our 'his and her' natural skincare Valentines Sets - there's 3 to be had Enter today to win yours a Rafflecopter giveaway ..
Created: 18/01/2015Comments: 0
There’s a simple skincare truth that is at the heart of making your skin youthful, fresher and healthier and they're not 'faddy' new ingredients that promise the world, and they're not exorbitantly priced either, it’s vitamins.  These natural compounds are as necessary to inner and outer health as water. The body only delivers a small percentage of metabolised vitamins, from food and d..
Created: 13/01/2015Comments: 1
It's not even a month since Christmas, and already it seems like ages ago. I tend to use the early part of January for reflection and review, and to think about what's been good and what we need to work on in 2015 and beyond,as there's always room for improvement. One of the things I'm really happy about going into 2015, is the number of bloggers who gave up their time last year to review o..
Created: 04/01/2015Comments: 0
So it's the New Year and 2016 has arrived and where did 2015 go? There's one thing that I dislike after the New Year and it's how everyone gets hyper about detoxing. Yes, we all eat and drink too much but let's face it, it's not the only time of the year that we indulge; birthdays, holidays, weekends away and nights out with the lads or girls can result in us over indulging in either alcoho..
Created: 27/12/2014Comments: 0
Now that Christmas has come and gone in all its glory, there is one thing on everybody's mind - New Years Eve celebrations. Where are you going, who are you going with and how will you manage the walk from the taxi in those beautiful new black stiletto heels and figure hugging frock? We have asked ourselves the same questions on many occasions. One thing that you definitely won't have to worry ..
Created: 21/12/2014Comments: 0
My Christmas really starts on Christmas Eve. I start to get really excited as I prepare for the big day ahead. It's one time of the year when I notice  that my home is filled with wonderful smells and fragrances, which come  from almost every room in the house. From mouth watering smells of cooking, roasting and baking emerging from the kitchen, to the sweet fragrances of relaxing bath oils a..
Created: 14/12/2014Comments: 0
I've always been fascinated by the Christmas stocking. Written records don’t really indicate how the tradition of the Christmas stocking got started, but there are several legends surrounding this wonderful tradition. The most trustworthy legend maintains that Saint Nicolas learned about a poor man who couldn’t afford to pay a dowry for his three daughters, and he was worried about them. Sa..
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