Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend 30ml

Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend 30ml

The best pre-blended stress relief oil for relaxing and deep tissue body massage treatments

Lavender and Rosewood combine with detoxing citrus oils to produce a high quality stress relief essential oil product.

Designed for emotional stress relief healing
Relieves stress, anxiety, depression and mental exhaustion. Induces a sense of calm and relaxation, positivity and warmth with this pure stress relief essential oil blend.


Massage Therapy & Scenting Guide
Lotions and Crèmes: 0.25%-3.0%
Massage and Body Oils: 1%-3%
Facial: Oils/lotions/serums and masques: 0.25%-1%

Warning Statement: Never put Thea Essential Oil Blends directly onto the skin. Always add a few drops as required to Thea carrier Massage Oils. Do not apply any aromatherapy treatment to open wounds.

Essential Oils: Lavender, Lemon, Mandarin, Rosewood & Sweet Orange

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